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Dashtray create perfect work station with fully adjustable features for proper posture

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Creation of DashTray

One day the founder of DashTray was ill with no one around to help. He decided to make some soup and take it to bed to eat. He placed everything on a tray and headed for bed. Due to the instability of the tray, everything spilled all over him and the bed sheets. Now his problem doubled, being sick and needing to clean up the mess. Then he remembered a time he flew first-class couple weeks prior to the incident in which his seat had a retractable table that was hidden in an armrest. He thought about how beneficial this would have been to his situation and thousands others. He started to search but he couldn’t find anything. That motivated him to find a solution. That's how he got the idea to create the DashTray, the first true First Class Table to help thousands of people in need of a table or tray to bring ease and comfort to them.
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Why Dash Tray

Eat with joy

With DashTray You can sit relax and eat your meal on your favorite chair in comfort.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Best Platform for Beauty and Makeup - DashTray Creates the perfect ambiance to apply makeup solid and easy to clean.

Work comfortably from home

DashTray give you comfort while you are working from home for long hours. Plus it help with proper posture.

Care Giving

Take care of your bedridden loved ones with DashTray (foldable table)

DashTray For Recliner

DashTray will sit right beside your recliner for ease of use and accessibility.

Arts and Crafts

Parents love DashTray because it keep kids occupied, happy and safe while parents are doing daily routine.

What Our Customers Say...

See what other people, prototype testers and supporters told about us.

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Very useful

Side table

Mike A

Dec, 18,2021

250x x 250xpx
I use to put makeup on just love it!

Make up

Sonya D

Jan 3,2022

250x x 250xpx
I am YouTube blogger I bought DashTray and ring light cellphone holder from them. Great thing about this product it has USB charging ports. Now I could make my videos much precise. I recommend this to anyone do blogging.
Kevin B
250x x 250xpx
I am taking care of my dad at home. I have used different trays in the past but they weren't stable. Since I bought this side table makes my life much easier. It's very useful. Amy D Amy D
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I bought this table because I work from home. I use to put my laptop on my lap and leaned down to work. Since I received my DashTray I can comfortably sit on my couch work on my laptop all day long. It is exactly as they advertised.
Steve S

Nov 12,2021

250x x 250xpx
I give one to my dad for his birth they. He really likes the coffee cup holder.


Sue W

Jan 8,2022

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Night Study

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DashTray standard size is useful for smaller space. Its height can be adjusted from 18inches to 38inches for those applications has higher platform like tall beds.

Before you order make sure DashTeay can reach your desire height for your application.

DashTray large size is stand alone. Its height can be adjusted from 23inches to 34inches.

Before you order make sure DashTray can reach your desire height for your application.

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