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Dash Tray, the best Laptop Tray Table

Want to make your life more productive? You must give a try to Dash Tray, it’s a table that is built to support your laptop and other work from home tasks

Dash Tray easily attaches to your bed and couch in a minute and lets you do your work easily as Side table with tray. Our idea to build a Dash Tray is based on the problem we face when we work on a laptop from home. We didn’t find any office like environment to do the work, our couch and dining tables height are not appropriate and also lack the comfort, which makes us tried and ultimately affects our work.

But after buying a Dash Tray and using it as Side table with tray you won’t have to worry much, while sitting on your bed or couch you simply have to unfold the Dash Tray, adjust it according to your height, place your laptop and do your work.

We also give an option to connect a USB surge protector which gives you an easy power supply to your laptop.

How to use Dash Tray (Laptop Tray Table) 

Using a Dash Tray as Side table with tray is easy although it’s not like the other laptop Tray Tables which you see on amazon or other websites, it’s different. Follow these 4 steps on how to use Dash Tray

Step 1

Dash Comes in a box, open it and bring out all the pieces , then pick the Dash Tray Base you can identify it with its legs, connect it with your Couch or bed through its e blocks.

Step 2

Place the Dash Tray box in its base and make it fix by tighten its plastic head bolts and wing nuts.

Step 3

After connecting the Dash Tray box with its base, open it and bring out the flapper which is connected with the stretchable rods that easily adjust according to your height.

Step 4

Now the last step is connect the Tray with the black flapper by pulling the pin and sliding it into the flapper (Make sure it slides/moves comfortably after it’s installed. For extra help watch video)

Follow this video on how connect Dash Tray with Couch.

Follow this video on how to connect Dash Tray with Bed

Why Dash Tray is the best Laptop Tray Table

  • Maintains Healthy back posture

Tables and chairs are always criticized for back problems, they don’t made to maintain the spin health and causes bigger problems in longer usage, but it’s not the case with Dash Tray even if you’re sitting in your couch or bed you can easily maintains the healthy posture. For a big height person you can easily stretch the Dash Tray high and low for a low height individual.

  • Easy Power supply 

Although laptops have batteries but in longer usage it needs direct power supply, it can be a problem if you bed and couch is not near to a power switch, you have to stop your work and let charge your laptop .

But it’s not the case with Dash Tray as it supports the USB surge protector from which you can connect your laptop and get easy power supply.

  • Connects with your bed and sofa 

In market there are two type of laptop tray table one is for Couch and other for bed, well it make you cost lot money if you needed both. Keeping that in mind we combine the both tables utility and giving you one tray table for both bed and couch which even cost less than a normal Tray Table in market. We want to thanks our designer and engineers that’s made it possible.

  • Portable

Dash Tray is a portable laptop tray table which you can fold like a box makes it easy to carry, it is particularly very useful if you are thinking to shift to a new place or just don’t want to use it further.

  • Fulfills your other needs

Apart from begin a laptop tray tray, Dash Tray can also support you you in makeups, eating and stuff like gaming and studying. We discussed earlier that you can connect the USB surge protector with the Dash Tray similarly, for doing makeup you can connect the mirror and light attachment,and if you just want to study connect only the light attachment it give you a perfect ambiance and doesn’t put any strain on your eyes. 

So buy your Dash Tray, the best Laptop Tray Table in the market - 


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