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Tray Table for Couch

Looking a Tray Table for couch? What’s better then Dash Tray, a perfect table for your family, it is not like those big tables that are hard to move, or too weak to hold things. 

Dash Tray is different, it is strong enough to hold your things plus so light, that you don’t even feel its presence. Just like Couch tray tables we made Dash Tray a fold-able one, but in a different sense, Dash Tray is so portable that you can fold it in a box, which is easy to carry. 

Now let put some light on its Usability parameters, Dash Tray is high in utility and can be a :- 

· Study Table

· Laptop Table

· Makeup Table

· Bed Table

· Over bed rolling table 

You must be thinking what’s new in the Couch tray table? Any Tray Table for couch can be used in different ways, but as we said earlier Dash Tray is a different league apart, it comes with so many useful attachments that you can make a dash tray a dedicated table for your work.

If you want to do make up, you can use Dash Tray’s Light and mirror Attachments which gives you a perfect light ambiance. If want to do study, Dash Tray’s Light attachment works fine and gives a necessary light to study. 

We also give an option to connect USB surge protector with Dash Tray, it is very useful for gamer and for those we do work from home, as it gives you an easy power supply.

5 benefits of Dash Tray

1. Easy to use

Dash tray is a table for comfort it is easy to carry and attaches quickly with your couch, it various attachments make it useful for your particular needs like makeup, eating, gaming, studying etc. 

2. Comes with many attachments

Tray Tables for couch are used for many purposes like studying, eating, gaming, makeup etc. to keep that in mind we made Dash. Trays for couches are a multipurpose where for your different needs there is an attachment. Like if you want to do makeup simply connect the mirror and light attachment and here your make table ready if you just want to study connect the light attachment only to know in detail.

3. Easily attaches with your couch

Yes Dash Tray is easy to attach with your couch, simply fix its base with your couch and place the Dash Tray and unfold it accordingly. Watch the video to know more.

4. Strong 

Table trays are generally fold-able and consist of lots joints and pieces which loses their strength. But it’s not the case with Dash Tray. It is made up of strong material and engineered precisely to bear the heavy weight of food, books, laptop, and things.

6. Install quickly

We really go a long way to make Dash Tray the best Trays for couch, to do so we think on it assembly. If Dash tray opens up late for your urgent tasks, it’s of no use. So with lot of iteration and product redesigning we have reduces it initial assembly time to 1 min and once attaches and assemble you can unfold dash tray in few seconds. 

How to install

When some ask us to assemble things, we relate it with that hard zig zag puzzle of our childhood, but it’s not the case with Dash Tray, it is simple and easy to assemble.

In these 4 steps you can make the perfect Tray table for couch:

1. Connect the Dash Tray base with couch

In first Dash tray seems likes a box to you but when it unfold, it’s a table. To do so, you first have to connect the Dash Tray base with your couch where you have to lift your couch and put it on the dash tray base.  

2. Place the Dash Tray in its base

After connecting the base and couch you can attach the Dash Tray with is its base where you just have to slide the dash tray box in the base. Watch the video

3. Unfold the table

After places the box now open it and simple lift up the table, adjust it according to your couch 

4. Adjust according to your height

Last but not the least depending upon your height you can also adjust the height of Dash Tray, by stretching its legs.

Watch the Dash Tray assembly in action

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