Tray Table for Bed | Best Multi Purpose Bed Tray – Dash Tray

Tray Table For Bed

Looking a Tray Table for bed? What’s better then Dash Tray, a multipurpose table for your all needs. It can be your

· Study Table

· Laptop Table

· Makeup Table

· Over bed rolling table 

· Personal dining table 

You must be thinking what’s new in Tray table for sofa? Any Tray Table for couch can be used in different ways, but as we said earlier Dash Tray is a different league apart, it comes with so many useful attachments that you can make a dash tray a dedicated table for your work.

If you want to do make up, you can use Dash Tray’s Light and mirror Attachments which gives you a perfect light ambiance as sofa table tray. If you want to do study, Dash Tray’s Light attachment works fine and gives a necessary light to study.

We also give an option to connect a USB surge protector with Dash Tray, it is very useful for gamers and for those we do work from home, as it gives you an easy power supply.

Top 5 benefits of Dash Tray

1. Easily attaches with your Bed

Dash Tray attaches very easily with your bed, simply fix it Base with your bed, place the Dash Tray on it and unfold accordingly. Watch the video in the end.

2 Strong 

Many Tray Tables for Bed are generally fold-able which makes them full of joints and pieces, the negative aspect it is they lack the strength, but it’s not the case with Dash Tray. We made Dash Tray with full of precision and used strong material in its manufacturing. It is strong enough to hold the weight of food, book, laptop etc.

3. Comes with many attachments

The sofa table tray are used for many purpose like studying, eating, gaming, makeup etc. to keep that in mind we made Dash Tray a multipurpose where for your different need there is an attachments. Like if you want to do makeup simply connect the mirror and light attachment and here your make table ready if you just want to study connect the light attachment only to know in detail.

4. Easy to use 

Unlike Other Bed Tray Table Dash Tray is easy to use, carry and quickly attaches with the bed. It also support lots of attachments that are very useful for your different needs like makeup, studying, eating, gaming etc.

5. Assembles quickly

Assembling the Dash Tray is also very easy, in its initial assembly it just take you around 1 min to Attach Dash Tray with your Bed and once connected it take few second to unfold it. 


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